Domestic & Industrial Flooring

Vinyl Floor Tiles


Vinyl tiles are ideal for high traffic commercial buildings where a lot of people will walk over them over long periods of time. These tiles are low-cost tiles that boasts abrasion resistance, resistance to impact, and can be easily repaired. They can be refinished easily when they have become dull or subdued. In rare cases where the tile is no longer repairable, individual tiles can be replaced by new tiles easily.


Vinyl tiles come in different thickness. Generally, thicker tiles are more durable, and lasts longer. Many designs have been produced. Because of the advances of manufacturing technologies, it is now very common to see vinyl tiles that resemble the look of more exotic and even more expensive flooring tiles. Vinyl tiles can be designed to appear to look like wood, stone, or concrete among other things.

Vinyl tiles are also ideal for homes. These beautiful tiles makes any part of the house look exceptional. From living rooms to kitchens. When used in commercial places such as hospitals, malls, offices, and public buildings, they not only look very appealing but also are cost effective and long lasting.