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Lino Flooring


Linoleum tiles are one of the most popular tiles in the market. These tiles are made from organic materials, most usually from linseed oils or linoxyn. Linoleum tiles are flexible yet resistant to the elements. Fine linoleum can last for a very long time due to their durability. Linoleum tiles can also be very attractive as many designs and patterns can be created for them.

Our linoleum tiles are very durable and ideal for many applications. It's water resistant properties makes it ideal for kitchens, both for home and commercial use. It can withstand impact as well as the most common of chemicals. They are easy to clean and are flexible enough for applications where more rigid materials will break.

Lino tiles are also generally cheaper than most ceramic tiles. Large commercial or industrial spaces can leverage the cost efficiency and durability lino tiles have to offer. Lino tiles can also be very attractively designed making it even more appealing to builders who needs beautiful, resistant, yet a cost effective flooring solution.