Domestic & Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring


industrial tiles are heavy duty times that are built for durability, very excellent chemical resistance, and are finished to not only last, but also look attractive. One major feature that differentiates industrial tiles from other forms of tiles is that these are built not only with durability in mind, but also with maintainability. Industrial tiles saves costs by being easily repairable in case it has been cracked or damaged.


Many industrial tiles are also slip resistant. The high slip resistance of industrial tiles are necessary to ensure that accidents and other mishaps are minimized. The chemicals and materials used, the texture, and the surface finish of these industrial tiles accounts for their excellent slip resistance.

Being chemical resistant makes these tiles ideal for many industrial uses, from large kitchens to hospitals. In industrial and commercial environments, the floor is exposed to chemicals from soft drinks to acids. Because industrial tiles are made up of inert materials, their chemical composition does not change easily, thus preventing stains and deterioration.