Domestic & Industrial Flooring

Domestic Flooring


In choosing a domestic flooring material, a wide range of choices can be made. From carpets to laminated wood. While these flooring are often less durable than industrial tiles, they often comes in a wider range of designs and can be very durable in their own right as well.


Maintaining these flooring materials differs depending on the materials that is used. For instance, carpet flooring requires special chemical treatments in a regular basis to ensure that all dusts, pests and germs are removed. Wooden laminated tiles and ceramic tiles needed to be polished and buffed using special, specific purpose waxes.

Whatever flooring materials you may choose for your home, be assured that we have the design that will fit the look and feel of your home. Our tiles come in many materials and a wide range of designs that ensures any home owner that they will have beautiful, attractive tiles that will last a very long time.